Why Can’t a Neapolitan Do It All?

It saddens me when I hear other Neo’ lovers cut down this truly versitale breed. Why can’t Neapolitan Mastiff’s do more then be yard ornaments? There was a time when mastinari or italian dogmen would wage bets on who’s dog could jump on a balcony or over a fence, have them hang from a rope to see who could the longest or even have a roll to see who’s dog was on top when the dirt settled. Why is it now dogs can’t climb up the stairs or jump into the back of a truck? I think WE as breeders need to step up and push these animals back into the condition of the dogs from decades ago. Further more there is no reason why any person should breed Neapolitan Mastiffs without health testing. So many health issues can not be seen from the naked eye, unless ofcourse it is so damaging the dog is failing.

If you have spent any time researching the history of the breed and different kennel one will find look of the dog changes depending where the Neo’ was originally from will dictate the look and temperament of the dog. Which basically opens the door to discussing other breeds used within our very own. But that will be a different entry for another day! Having so many choices of dog for me is part of the experience in owning a Neapolitan Mastiff, because each dog is truly unique. I feel that depending on the person a Neapolitan Mastiff will cover just about anything one would need in a dog only have to choose the right one. A true Guardian and friend with an experienced handler. But with the wrong person, these dogs can cause a lot of damage even at an early age.


Skin Bag Puppies

As I watch pictures scroll on face book I am starting to see an alarming amount of puppies that have a ridiculous amount of skin! Neapolitan Mastiffs are Supposed to mature into the gargole type features, not begin with them. Seems like the bone of puppies is also doubling as well as size. Eyes are buried in skin and feet are splayed.
What are We doing to the breed we want to protect?
What are the reasons to create a unfunctional, blind dog? Why would anyone want to purchase a animal that can not see and has so much skin the pup is tripping over it!
I often wonder what will be of these puppies, how they will look as adults. But it seems that most vanish into pet homes.
This for me in not a route I want to take with my program, I want dogs that can preform like every other Working breed. I want that all around dog, trustworthy but ready for a fight.


Work together equals success, but why is this so difficult?

Since I have been in the dog world nothing makes me shake my head more then the fact that so many are unwilling to work together. With so many ready to argue and bicker think of how much further our breed would be if the energy put fourth to do so was used towards something beneficial? There is very little one of us can do, but if a community actually strived towards the same goal. Then there would be nothing to stand in our way! But too many think that breeding dogs is a game or that these animals are fine just the way that they are. Personally I think we can do better, if you want that too please don’t hesitate to contact me.


As the winter ends and spring begins I am noticing more breeders starting out. All of us were new once, I do not judge. But what I do hope is as new people come into the breed they will bring fresh idea’s and more willingness to speak openingly and truthfully with regards to the health of our dogs. Too many puppies being born out of non-health tested parents. Too many dogs “drop dead” with out a necropsy. I think we can make a difference in our breed if we all step up our game, choose our brood bitches and stud dogs better and create the dog that everyone talks about but is so rarely seen.

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