Want to Own a Neapolitan Mastiff?

There is no other breed as awe-inspiring as the Neapolitan Mastiff. It is a powerful, massive dog with thick loose skin, and a strong bone structure. The movement of this breed is that of a lion on the prowl, fluid but not flashy, powerful and ready to pounce if needed.

The look that this dog carries is unique to its breed, and infact no two mastini look the same! High in intelligence and back bone this breed isn’t for everyone so PLEASE do your homework before purchasing a mastino.

These dogs can distroy a house in a afternoon, rip up your yard and your beloved garden in a weekend. They can easily knock over a hundred plus pound person in a single bound. Break all your valuables and make every outfit you wear covered in drool.

These dogs NEED an experienced handler and I strongly recommend a trainer, they have to be heavily socialized and around children to be a successful Neo’ living in a subdivision. A healthy mastino will need regular exercise and handling to keep them in check, unless you don’t mind the distruction mentioned above.

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