The Look Of The Neapolitan Mastiff

There are many different coat colors for Neo’s black, grey/blue, tawny, mahogany and brindle to any of the colors. Black is the dominate color so this is what most Neo’s are. As a estate guardian being a darker color makes the dog disappear into the night. The eye color should be in accordance to the coat.

Which means the pigmentation of the eye rims should match the color of coat. Example grey dog have grey eyes, if eyes do not match it would be considered a fault. Ears should be set well above it cheekbones, Neo’s ears can be cropped or un-cropped. But if cropped make sure you find an experienced vet to do this, cropped improperly can be a fault as well.

If left natural they should be medium size, a triangular shape not exceeding lower margin of throat. The ears should never curl or fold like a hound not acceptable for a Mastino!

The muzzle should be broad and should have a squared appearance, with around three folds across it. One large wrinkle can form between the eyes, normally with age it will develop. The dewlap MUST be well divided into two, the apron like dewlap is not acceptable. Some Neo’s will show “skirting” around the body as the dog matures. This is acceptable and normal, you will notice during growth spurts it will disappear. The top-line of this breed should be straight across, which will evenly disperse the weight of the dog. The tail of the Neapolitan mastiff can be docked or left natural.The tail should set slightly off the back with a slight curve. The tail relaxed should never be kinked or too thin, this would be considered a fault. Front dewclaws are not removed, feet should be large and round.

The over all structure of the dog is very important, since unless the body is built correctly it will be destined to fail. When looking at a mastino there should be pride and great strength seen in the animal, the animal should be proud and ready and willing to work. I prefer my dogs to be kept lean and well muscled, each dog is different and I do not force weight on the dog to make it seem larger allow the animal to be what it is.

The current fad in the breed is, “the bigger the better” I for one do not agree. Balance is key and weight of a dog is very important. Do not weigh down your dog with extra weight, this will directly effect the dogs health as well as it’s life span! Allow the animal to grow into it’s body and structure, the dogs genetic makeup will dictate its weight NOT HOW MUCH YOU FEED IT.

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