Skin Bag Puppies

As I watch pictures scroll on face book I am starting to see an alarming amount of puppies that have a ridiculous amount of skin! Neapolitan Mastiffs are Supposed to mature into the gargole type features, not begin with them. Seems like the bone of puppies is also doubling as well as size. Eyes are buried in skin and feet are splayed.
What are We doing to the breed we want to protect?
What are the reasons to create a unfunctional, blind dog? Why would anyone want to purchase a animal that can not see and has so much skin the pup is tripping over it!
I often wonder what will be of these puppies, how they will look as adults. But it seems that most vanish into pet homes.
This for me in not a route I want to take with my program, I want dogs that can preform like every other Working breed. I want that all around dog, trustworthy but ready for a fight.

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