Neapolitan Mastiff’s are considered a working breed. With that being said, these dogs need to have a purpose in life or they Will be destructive. This is not your mild mannered mellow dog, they have attitude and will test you at every corner. These dogs are not something you can leave in your backyard and expect to turn into a confident guard dog either. If you choose to purchase a Neapolitan Mastiff please understand that you will need to socialize the pup heavily and train the animal as it matures.

With having a guardian br eed I work and test them in personal protection. I want a dog that will react to “the bad guy,” but (with proper training) can still be kept in the house with children and other animals. To properly train a dog in pr otection locate a trainer who has molosser experience, ask for referrals. This is difficult work with such a large animal, I have been yanked off my feet and on my face quicker then I could blink. If you choose to train your dog in this type of work please realize that you need to make a commitment to your animal from start to finish.

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