What one should look for in a Breeder

So you’ve decided that you want a Neapolitan Mastiff.

Now what you should do is…

Your Research!

This is the most difficult and time consuming part of purchasing a puppy, but also one of the most important. Finding the right breeder with the Right dogs can be difficult and stressful. But do not loose heart, here are some tips that you should ask when contacting breeders.

  • Where do your dogs’ live?
  • What type of activities do you do with your Neo’s?
  • Do you show or compete in any sport with your dogs?
  • What type of health tests do you complete previous to breeding?
  • How old are the parents of the litter and are both still alive?
  • Are both parents available to be seen when it’s time to pick up the puppy?
  • What should I expect while my puppy ages?
  • Any health concerns that I should be aware of?
  • What is the life expectancy of their Neo’s?
  • What type of food and how should I be feeding my new animal?
  • Is there a health guarantee with my new puppy?

If a breeder cannot take the time to answer your questions or you do not feel they are answering truthfully, RUN.

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