Got A Pup?

Congrats to you for adding such a fantastic addition to your family!
Here are some helpful hints for you the new owners

Keep your puppy lean, the dog will fill out with time and age..Do Not force more weight on the dog to make it seem bigger.
Infact studies have been done that shows a prolonged life on a dog that is kept on the lean side, up to two more years!

By 4 months of age please switch your dog to adult food. Due to the fast growth spurts with Neo’s most find that puppy food only makes this worse and growth can become uneven, adult food helps slow the                                                                                              growth process a bit.
Please don’t feel bad crating a puppy is a MUST while your gone! Although they may make a lot of noise, leave them in and ignore them. You will thank me when your house isn’t distroyed while at the grocery store.
Don’t let your puppy sleep in bed with you if it’s possible, this can cause confusion to your dog on who is boss, Which is YOU. Give the dog a mat, or a crate. When its 175+ pounds you will not want to share blankets with him or her anyways!
Some Neo’s go through fear periods while maturing, typically during the “teen” stage. Keep socializing and do not make a big deal of it, the dog will see that what ever is scaring it doesn’t scare you and move on. If you comfort the dog you will be telling the dog to fear it…So Don’t!

This will pass as quickly as it comes give the dog time, do not baby the dog.

If possible do not start leash training till 4/5 months of age. Have the pup  follow you, this the dog is used to and it is natural for the dog to understand. Redirect nipping and mouthing to a toy and do not allow any dominant behavior from the puppy, what you allow from it as a pup it will continue to do so as an adult! Exercise the puppy, do not treat it like it is made of glass. BUT if it is tired then do not push it!

These large puppies need to sleep to grow properly.

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