Mayhem’s ChupaCabra is a beautiful female out of Champion Quesso de don zamora and Mastino templar’s Britannia that we have high hopes for! She is full of energy and loves to romp as well as chase any loose squirrel in the yard. She has started her training in personal protection and is doing very well. ChupaCabra is very handler focused and is a velcro dog. Very serious disposition, will protect with every ounce of her being and wary of strangers.


Elysium de BluHouse is a Beautiful addition to our kennel from Bluhouse Mastini in Oregon.  She is bright, energetic and as wild as they come. We are testing her capabilities and so far she has not disappointed us. She is a rather large female, typey in all the right places and I expect her to do well in the show ring and the field.

Mayhem’s PorkChop is our current up and coming working bitch. She is a “chop” off the old block, very similar to her dam at this age. She is out of  Aminda Tou Dorikou (Aka Hercules) and Mayhem’s ChupaCabra. I am very impressed with the out come of this pairing and can’t wait to watch her develop.

Mastino Templar’s Britannia is now retired from our breeding program. Britannia is a spunky bitch that is giving me a run for my money! She is full of energy and highly intelligent constantly testing the boundries and looking for some action. I have started her in protection training early 2012 and she is doing Great! Please check back for more details as her training progresses. She has never had cherry eye and is fully health tested. Britannia is out of Champion thundermug’s Arturo and Champion Anacranismo’s Rosamunda.

Mayhem’s Bimbo is a good natured female, who melts around children. But quick to bite and loves a good game of tug. She is out of Izildur de BluHouse and Mastino templar’s Britannia. She is classic in appearance as well as size and type.

Mastino Templar’s Domina is now retired from our breeding program. Domina is a sweet female, who is happiest shadowing her owner. She was bred by Luciano Ramos and stayed with us for a year to be evaluated and bred. Since her litter has been placed throughout North America it was time for her to lay under the palm trees and sun back in Florida. We miss her dearly and was a wonderful, easy dog to have with us.

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